Orchester Wiener Akademie at the National Theater
From 06-02-18 to 07-02-18

The Fundación Sinfonia recently announced the prestigious performance of Orchester Wiener Akademie at the National Theather in Santo Domingo. This concert will take classical music lovers to days of legendary composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven. Furthermore, visitors will be able to take part in master musician workshops at the National Music Conservatory prior the concert. Help spread the awareness of classical music around the Dominican Republic.

Tickets are available for sale at Fundación Sinfonia. Call 809.532.6600 and 809.535.8690 or go to http://www.sinfonia.org.do. Orchester Wiener Akademie will perform February 6th and 7th as well.

For more information also look at: https://acento.com.do/2017/sociales/…ca-dominicana/

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