Dine With The Wine
puerto plata,
Dominincan republic

You are invited to join our table at Crave Steak and Lobster “Dine with the Wine” evening every Thursday at 7:00 PM. Each week, a selection of specialty wines are matched with passion and love by our Sommelier and Chef to provide you with a special evening. Some people come every week. This is the night out – enjoying meeting and dining with those who share their passion; Some come for special occasions and enjoy a menu that is put together with a personal touch just for them. Whatever your passion, come and join us at our table.

Our degustation menu each week consists of 5 different wines traveling from Prosecco through to White and then Red matched with 4 courses all included for $RD2500.

Special Mega Dine with the Wine events occur and require expressions of interest. These consist of the 2 of the absolutely top-shelf wines matched with Lobster and Dessert.

For more information and to contact us please go to ACCESS AHNVEE facebook or call +1 (829) 401 2069

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