ChiroMission Puerto Plata
All day long
From 28-03-18 to 01-04-18

ChiroMission is an organization determined to help the less fortunate. They offer education, chiropractic care, and dozens of donations since 2001 to those in need. However, this year they are bringing together a ChrioMission event. Early registration for the event beings December 31st, 2017 and prices range from $599 to $799 depending on your membership. This price includes all-inclusive hotel accommodations, transportation on the island, waterfall challenge, all special ChiroMission events, as well as CM T-Shirt although, your airfare is not included. You can plan to fly into Puerto Plata (POP) Airport on Wednesday, March 28th and leave on Sunday, April 1st. Find out more at: http://www.chiromission.com/upcoming-trips/